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Shipping rates are $9.99 for purchases under $199.99.

Purchases over 199.99 are 14.99.

Shipping Timelines

Mara hand paints and hand packages your mandala order.  In most cases, your order will be sent out within 2-3 business days, After that, It will take 3-5 business days to arrive to you, depending on region.  (This is an Estimated shipping time. If you need your mandala sooner, please contact

That total equals 5-7 business days, depending on your region. Mara will inform you immediately when your package ships and when to expect it, or if there is a possibility for delays.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories and outside the U.S.

Shipping may take longer than 5-7 days when sending to these areas.

Shipping International

Upon request only.

Packaging Promise

Mara promises that your package will be delivered in good condition and as expected. Your art will be packaged in a simple and sophisticated manner, perfect for gifting. Please view this article to understand more about what your product will look like when shipped.


Return Policy

Mara's Mandala's accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of arrival at your doorstep.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied by any reason, you are able to return your purchase for full refund or exchange. This includes if product is damaged upon arrival. Please email and include photos of the box and damage done within 7 days of the package's arrival at your door.

How to Return

If you need to return your product, you must email within the 30 days of your mandala's arrival to your door. 

Commissions & Special Requests


How do I commission a Custom Mandala?

It's easy! Go to the Commissions Page. Fill out the form, you will describe what you have in mind as far as colors and the intention/quote, all the way to size and other specifications.

Mara will email you directly to engage in further information as far as cost, deadline, and so on.

How can I get a mandala with the colors, shapes and quote that I want? In the size I want? 

You can certainly customize ANYTHING you want from Mara's Mandalas. Fill out the form in the Commissions Page. You will be able to talk directly with Mara to design a mandala that uses your awesome ideas.

Can I order a Frame with my mandala?

Mara's Mandalas currently come in a Mat Kit, which is perfect for framing. If you would like a frame, you will need to email Mara directly. This can be done, but it increases shipping a lot, plus it is the full cost of the frame. Most times, it's more cost effective for you to purchase your own frame.

What if the mandala I want isn't the colors I want?

If the mandala you see in the mandala prints store is not the color you want, you will want to request a special order for a customized mandala. This process is fun! You get to decide the color scheme, and Mara will make the mandala accordingly. You can also let Mara know any other details about the mandala.


Go to the commissions page to request a custom mandala. You'll fill at a form, and Mara will email you with more information.

I'm looking at the Mandala Store. What if I like the mandala, but I don't want it with that quote?

OR If like the quote..but not with that mandala?

If the mandala you see in the mandala prints store is not the color you want OR quote you want, you will want to request a special order for a customized mandala. This process is fun! You get to decide the color scheme and quote, and Mara will make the mandala just for you. You can also let Mara know any other details about the mandala you have in mind.


Go to the commissions page to request a custom mandala. You'll fill at a form, and Mara will email you with more information.

Remember: Mara's Mandalas are energy infused. There is no way to change the intention of a mandala that has already been created, because the energy of that intention is already within each painting. That's why you get to customize your own!

Can I order a mandala in a different size?

You are able to special request Mara's Mandalas Original Prints by emailing Once your request is received, Mara will determine if that mandala will be aesthetically pleasing at that size.



I saw Mara's Mandalas Cards, Coasters, and Notebooks at a festival. How can I order those?

Thank you for attending an art festival with Mara's Mandalas, and welcome to my website! If you recall something specific you saw at a festival, you can email me and I will special order it for you if it is still available. Always feel free to ask! 

Would Mara's Mandalas participate in my festival?

Mara's Mandalas would love to consider being a vendor at your festival or event!

Please contact Mara at

Original Prints & Originals


Are the Original Prints Hand Painted?

Original Prints are prints of the original designs created by Mara Carlini. MOST of the prints are hand painted with gold embellishment. This gold embellishment is special because your art gets a little extra positive touch.  Mara holds each mandala print and infuses it with the intention via meditation, still giving it the special energy that you can absorb, whether or not it is hand embellished.


You will be able to tell which prints have the gold embellishment in the shop images. There are a select few that do not have any gold embellishment because the design is complex. If you are not sure if yours has the embellishment, please feel free to ask!

Why are the Originals so special?

The Original Mandala Paintings are special because they are infused directly with the intention. Mara selects the intention of the piece first, and then paints as she meditates the intention into each paint stroke.

Original Mandala Paintings are pure energy of the intention.  Each design and color scheme is chosen by Mara to specifically enhance the intention through this visual creation.

Mandala Classes


How do I sign up for a LIVE mandala class?

Check the Events page for Mandala Classes in your area.

About Mandalas & Mara's Art


What is the purpose behind Mara's Mandalas? Why are they more than just a painting?

Mara's Mandalas are more than just a painting. These are positive vibrating visuals that radiate energy.

The energy in each painting is associated with the intention or quote that is with the piece. Mara starts with blank canvas, chooses the intention, and then meditates the intention into the piece. She then meditates as she paints, infusing each paint stroke with the inspirational energy of the intention.

Your mandala has a specific energy that calls to you. Your body's energy knows which one will resonate with you. Through using your intuition, you will find the mandala that is meant to be yours and will help you along your spiritual path.

Each time you see your mandala, it will remind you of the energy of its intention.  This powerful vibration enables you to think more positive thoughts every day. With this positive affirmation on a daily basis, It has the potential to enhance your everyday life.

Read about how mandalas can give you 1,095 more positive thoughts this year.

I explored more of your artwork... What are the Dragons all about?

Have you seen Mara's Spiritual Art?

Mara's Dragons are winged messengers, similar to Angels, that carry positive and powerful messages. Do you have a spirit animal your'e attracted to? Mara's is the dragon, and they come to her in visions and meditations. Most of the dragon art has been inspired by their appearance to her.

While some of the dragons seem fierce, it is their nature to appear that way. however, they often times have an important message. Read about Archangel Michael in this article to understand more about how dragon spirit is a warrior of light.

Wait.. you're an acupuncturist too?? How does that relate to your art?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are holistic forms of healing. My exploration of Mandala artwork has always been about healing.

When we put our bodies and minds in positive  environments, this engenders healing.  Acupuncture is a direct way to influence the body by providing a relaxing and healing environment using a technique that directs the body to heal. 

In a similar way, when we surround ourselves with positive visual environment, including mandalas, we are more likely to choose a positive thought, and thus a more healing environment.

Read more about acupuncture on my Mindful Living Acupuncture website

Gift Certificates


Can I get a gift certificate? I want my friend to choose which mandala she is drawn to...

Yes! You can get a gift certificate for a friend to choose her own mandala. This is a great way to allow her a fun experience to tap into her intuition! 


The gift certificate can be emailed or mailed to you OR your recipient.


Email to inquire.