spiritual art

Indulge in your higher spiritual senses. Can you feel the deep messages in each piece?


Embrace the world through movement of strokes and colors. Let your spirit be guided by inspirations from these higher dimensions.

Spiritual art takes many forms: Angels, dragons, meditative scenes, and intense dichotomies of yin and yang.

Each piece of spiritual art is divinely inspired. Whether through meditations or mind meanderings, these are all interpretations of of spirit. The art channels and brings these powerful energies to life.

Oh - and some of those intense dragons... are just for fun!

Indulge in your imagination

of the divine  and spiritual realm 

with Angels and Dragons

Winged Messengers


Most people think of Angels as our spirit guardians. 

Dragons are spirit guardians, too.

Angels, fairies, butterflies, birds, dragonflies, ladybugs, are common winged messengers. Dragons are included here, and not as monsters. Their ferocity is not channeled into war, but into healing and helping the human race to evolve into peace and truth.

Angels and Dragons work together to help guide humanity find their path of peace, love and truth. My art depicts the relationship between Angels and Dragons, together and alone, as they unite to empower humanity.

My artwork is a direct experience with the divinity of these beings. Their energies are healing and powerful, beautiful and awe-striking. I hope you enjoy the world that I see.