I'm Mara.

I make Mandalas infused with intentions to inspire

mindfulness, positivity, and presence 


in every moment of life. 


The creation of each mandala begins with

an intention energetically infused into a blank canvas

before the first stroke is made.


Through meditation, the intention's energy is embedded into the mandala in this unique way.

Each color, stroke, and pattern

reflects the Mandala's intention.


When the mandala is seen by the viewer, the intention is energetically absorbed into her energy field.

I followed my Heart's calling...

Becoming an artist was an actual decision.


I always knew I was an artist, we all are in some way. In my journey, many things tried to distract me from being an artist. Every day I make the decision that I am an artist, a channel for ideas and inspiration to enter into this world. 

I attended Allegheny College in Meadville, PA as a Biology major, with interest in pharmacy. Art was my minor, just something on the side. Then I realized that all I did was draw and daydream about my art classes in my Biology classes.


I saw my classmates passion for science echoed my true passion for art.

On a whim, I switched my major to Art. 

That day happened to be the last day of drop period.

There was no going back now.

It was the most freeing decision I ever made.

That decision to switch my major

changed my entire life, and it was because I listened to my soul.


That moment was the first moment I

consciously connected to my divine soul and purpose,

listening for once, to my true heart's calling.

My First Mandala

The first mandala I made was the guest book for my zen-themed wedding. Each petal was where the guests of my wedding signed, so I needed a mandala that would hold over 250 signatures in petals big enough for each name! 

The process of this mandala was 

so meditative.

My intention for the mandala was purely of family and to celebrate my relationship with my husband.


With the intentions I put in, along with my family's love-infused signatures in all of the petals, I feel the love of family and friends each time I look at it. 


Once I finished my wedding mandala, 

craved to make more


Mandalas are where I turn to for peace and organization of my mind. Each mandala is enriched with the intentions I need at the time. They are all authentically what my soul is yearning for, or what I want reflected back to me to feel at peace. 

Which brings me to you.


I am here to serve.

I believe that my journey and calling to art is not only for my own self expression.


It's meant to share the light with you,

and ignite your own fire within you.

My inspirations are shared with you to invoke spiritual growth and inner contemplation in your own heart.


When we surround ourselves by art that makes us feel good, we are surrounding ourselves with the truth of our soul.

As our truth reflects back to us from art, we  express our pure truth to the world.

Mara lives in Robinson Township PA with her husband. She enjoys her Golden Retriever Magnus, Tuxedo cat Arya, and Cow-cat Gwennie.

Mara enjoys yoga, meditation, family time, running, biking, tennis, reading, laughing, and whole foods cooking.



Bachelor's of the Arts Degree: Studio Art, Allegheny College

Masters of Science Degree: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seneca Falls, NY

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the state of Pennsylvania


Registered Yoga Teacher 200 with Yoga Alliance

Art Gallery Exhibitions:

Penn State New Kensington 2006, 2007

Allegheny Valley Hospital 2009

Artforms Gallery and Tattoo 2010, 2011

Allegheny College: Bowman and Penelec Galleries 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

SACI Gallery in Florence, Italy 2010

New Kensington Art Center Gallery: 2015


Doane Art Award (Allegheny College) 2010

Senior Projects Honorable Mention (Allegheny College) 2011