Mara meditates a mantra into each mandala as she paints.

In this way, every mandala is embedded with the energy of its quote.

Use your Intuition to guide you to your Mandala.  It was made just for you.

What colors are you attracted to?​ ​

What shapes draw you in?

That mandala's quote is what your energy desires most! 

Inspire your life with positive vibes 

infused in Mara's Mandalas.

Mara's Mandala Shop

Mara's Mandala Original Prints are hand painted with 3-Dimensional Gold Paint by Mara


Enjoy Each Moment of Life 

The creative process of mandala making is based on Mindfulness, teaching us to be more fully in the present moment.

The more we practice mindfulness, the more it integrates into life. It trains us to overcome the distractions in life and be here, completely in the moment.

We want to a more peaceful life full of value and meaning. We understand experiencing life to its fullest, but we need to have the intention to truly Be There.


Train yourself to choose to be in each moment, choose peace in every situation and with every person, and life becomes full and enjoyable.


What else is a mandala good for?


It is a tool for an Object Meditation, which is the best kind of meditation to deepen FOCUS and MEMORY.

Relax your body, allow your mind to settle into peace. Gaze upon the mandala for 2 minutes. The intention of your mandala will resonate through you as you gaze upon it.


The shapes engage the LEFT side, “LOGIC”side of the brain.


The colors engage the RIGHT side, “CREATIVE”side of the brain.


Mandalas brings balance in the brain hemispheres and a peaceful state of mind.